Winter fun. Near you.

Mobile Ski Library Calendar

Earlier in the winter, Winnipeg Trails started a community by-donation ski library called the “Icicle Garden” out of the Bicycle Garden at 267 Sherbrook to help people “glide out” COVID19 restrictions. NOW ITS GONE MOBILE…and its FREE. See the calendar below for visits to one of the new groomed ski tracks or pleasure rinks in a park near you. We have skis and skates you can try for a few hours when we stop by. Sizes are mixed. First come first served. Social distancing guideline obviously apply. For more info, please email us. Want to help? Go here to volunteer. 

The Mobile Equipment Library has been made possible by YOU. We are humbled by the generosity of Winnipeggers and grateful for the donations of skis, sleds, skates and all kinds of winter equipment. A cache of temporarily underused additional skates was kindly made available thanks to their caretakers art Knox United Church and the original owners, Spence Neighbourhood Association.

Additional support in the form of car sharing credits and financial support comes from: Peg City Logo
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